Sunday, April 22, 2012

Being right sucks sometimes

The past few weeks have been very hectic and I've been processing a lot of things that have happened.  Fortunately for me, I have some very good friends who help me through things.

My son is currently sitting in jail.  Less than a week ago I received a phone call asking for bail money.  I've made it clear that I don't pay bail money, but he asked anyway.  I didn't pay.  Fortunately, neither did my father.

Things currently stand at 5 felony burglary charges, 3 misdemeanor joy riding charges and 1 felony bail jumping charge.  All since March 2, 2012.

Sadly, THIS is not surprising.  The rapid succession of charges is somewhat surprising.

What I have been processing is the level of my son's sociopathy.  I had a conversation with his birth mother the other night, the first ever.  Her telling of the events of the last six weeks when he re-entered her level showed me exactly how damaged he is.  Apparently he thinks nothing of trashing me to his birth mother.

However, he does the same to his birth mother with me.  During the conversation where he was asking for bail money, he told me that his birth mother had set him up.  She did turn him in for the theft.  Just a few minutes prior to calling me he told her how much he loved her, asked her for a hug and kiss and completely tried to manipulate her.  When he called me the switch had flipped.  I was the wonderful one and she was the horrible one.  I got a sob story about how he had a job, an apartment and needed to get out so he could continue to work.  It was a lie.

The longer we talked it became obvious how much he has played everyone in his life.  Deep down, there is no true and honest person inside.  He has no values or beliefs that are honest.  Everything is manipulation.

Tomorrow he will face the initial court hearing in one county, Tuesday he has a plea hearing in another county.  The end of May he has trial for the first charge, unless he decides to take a plea on Tuesday.

A few months ago I predicted he would be in jail and/or prison before his 19th birthday.  Another thing I was right on, and I'm rather sick of being right on these things.  All of it is out of my control though.

All of these charges are state level, which means prison, not county jail.  This is a new phase of parenting.  One I thought I was prepared for, but sadly, I am not.

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