Thursday, February 2, 2012

Blogs I like

I was very honored to have this blog nominated by a friend of mine.  We became friends in 1993 when I moved to Houston for a job.  We became friends instantly  and have been ever since, even though we haven't seen each other since 1996.

The rules are simple:

1) Thank the person who gave you the award
2) Link back to their blog
3) Add an image of the award on your blog in the sidebar if you can
3) Choose blogs/bloggers you enjoy and nominate them by listing their blog
and letting them know in one of their comments
4) List 7 random things about yourself

Sounds like fun, so here we go!

I love my friend's blog so he gets the first shout out and a big thanks!!.  

Two Men and a Little Farm - This is a fun blog about 2 men who live in the city, but have bought country property and are fixing up an old farmhouse.  The blog talks about everything from cooking, decorating, and landscaping to highlighting vintage posters and other items from the era of the house.  I love being able to watch the progress of my friend's dream home from more than 1000 miles away!

Since I love baking some of these are not going to come as a surprise.

Cake Wrecks - This blog makes me laugh out loud most days.  It is professional cakes that have gone horribly wrong.  On Sundays they feature the most beautiful cakes you have ever seen.  Jen and John who write the blog have a very twisted sense of humor.  The commentary on the cakes is often more funny than the cakes themselves!

The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle - Her cookies are amazing, but she offers amazing tutorials as well to teach aspiring cookie makers how to create the beautiful confections.  The cookies she creates are pure works of art!

Cupcakes Take the Cake - Adorable cupcakes and tutorials!!

Rollin in Dough - Another awesome cookie artist.  

I could go on and on and on about baking websites and I could spend all day just going through them for inspiration.

On to the other part of my life.... kids and trauma.  

Attachment & Trauma Network - This is the group I volunteer for.  We parents supporting and educating other parents who parent children with attachment issues and a trauma history.  Most often severe abuse and neglect.  The majority of the families that we work with have foster or adopted children.  The blogs are sporadic right now, but are a focus of areas we can improve on and reach out to the public.  

And for the last part... 7 random things about myself.

I hate snakes.

I have always loved to bake and learned from my great-grandmother.

There are 2 children that no longer live in my home, but will live in my heart forever.

I'm an old fashioned romantic at heart.  

My favorite color is pink.

I love high heeled shoes!!!

I have 3 friends that have been my friends since high school.  One of those goes back to elementary school.  Mel, Shel and Deb, you rock!

Check out the blogs I listed. If you have others that you like, let us know about them!

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