Wednesday, January 4, 2012


One of the hardest things for me with weight loss is not giving in to cravings.  I have a horrible sweet tooth, and it's so much easier to grab junk food when you are hungry.  Fortunately I love fruit and most vegetables.

However, I find it helpful to make up a list of snacks that are healthy, buy the groceries for those snacks, and keep the list where I can see it, like on the refrigerator! Here's a list I compiled.  Maybe it will help you too.  Feel free to suggest other ones!

Rice cake w/ PB (peanut butter), nutella, berries

Yogurt and fruit

Laughing cow cheese & crackers

Cottage cheese

Celery sticks or apple w/pb

Sugar free pudding or jello w/fruit

Fruit salad

Baked tortilla chips and salsa

Trifle made w/angel food cake, pudding, berries

Whole wheat hot dog bun spread w/pb, almond butter or nutella and topped with a banana

Trail mix – fiber cereal combined with nuts and raisins

Top a vanilla wafer with light cream cheese or readymade cheesecake filling and strawberry slices

Make mini cookies or ice cream sandwiches by putting cream cheese or ice cream between cookies from a 100 calorie snack pack

Hardboiled egg

Fruit & light cheese kabobs

Mini ice cream sandwich or skinny cow ice cream sandwich

Microwave popcorn

Cereal w/fruit

Protein bar

Cocoa Wheat cereal


  1. Any veggies with hummus! My all time go to for a quick meal.

  2. Not for this girl. Sorry. We just had this discussion at lunch at work today. I don't like nuts or beans, which is why I can't be a vegetarian. I'd lose too much protein because the only nuts I can eat are peanut butter - both texture and flavor bother me.

  3. Nominated you on my blog. Luv ya!