Sunday, June 29, 2014

Product review - Jamberry Nails

My niece had an in-home party for a product I'd never heard of. Jamberry Nails After a quick check on Google, I was interested.

Here's my final result.

Jamberry are nail "decals" that put fun designs on your nails.  I've tried other brands such as Sally Hansen and I wasn't particularly thrilled with them.  They were a pain to put on and they didn't last long.

These have a 30 day money back guarantee, so I took a flyer on it, and heck, it was for my niece.  Love that girl!

They come 18 on a sheet, and unless you have really long nails, one decal is enough to cover two nails. Here's what I used to do 10 nails.

Like the other brand, they are a pain to apply.  Took me about half an hour to do 10 nails.  Then again, when I paint my nails, it takes me much longer than that, so.....

I like to do fun designs on my nails and I change them pretty much weekly.  The wide variety of designs available intrigued me and I really like the detail that I couldn't possibly do on my own.  This style is called "Vacay."  I did then since it's summer and July 4th is Friday.  They seemed rather appropriate.

They do also carry styles or designs you're not going to get elsewhere, such as collegiate and sorority.  There are also matching Mommy & Me styles for you and the little girl in your life.

Price wise they come in about the same as the drug store brands.  Since I can get at least two uses out of these, more if I'm doing my toes, the set of $15 for Jamberry comes in pretty much dollar for dollar with the drug store cost of $6 - $8 for one set to do 10 nails.

One thing I did find out as I was going was to heat them as long as you can.  The application instructions say 3-5 seconds, but when I heated them for 7 - 10 seconds they went on easier.  The ones that weren't heated as long have more wrinkles in them.  However, with the design I used, you can't really see the wrinkles.  And as with most things, using your non dominant hand to apply them is harder.  If you can have someone help you, it would probably go much easier.

So, the jury is out to see how long they last.  I didn't top coat or anything and the instructions didn't tell me to, so I'm going as is.

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