Sunday, September 29, 2013

Foot Smart

I may have found my new favorite catalog.  I have very bad knees and high arches.  I need to pay good money for shoes.  However the kind of shoes that are available in a retail store are usually ugly and expensive.

A co-worker turned me on to the FootSmart catalog.  They have CUTE shoes that are good for your feet.

The best part is, the listings show what shoes are good for arch support, cushion, bunions, etc.  They also carry things besides shoes.  There are circulatory socks, bunion cushions, arthritis products, braces for knees and ankles and much more.

Yes, these things are pricey, but I have found that I cannot buy inexpensive shoes and not have problems.

If you have foot, knee or arthritis issues, check this out.

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