Saturday, May 19, 2012

Book Review - Cooking with Spirit

Cooking with Spirit by Jasmine Rose is a cookbook that you need to have, even if you don't cook.

The author is fun and lively woman.  If you have ever met her in person you know this.  If you haven't, sit down and read the cookbook.  Yes, I said read the cookbook.

It is filled with tidbits and trivia about various ingredients.  Each recipe highlights an ingredient and gives you the history and health benefits.

Yes, the foods are healthy, but they are also full of flavor.  If you think these are recipes that you won't really want to eat, guess again.  Gooey Chocolate Dessert Scones will make you change your mind quickly.  Northern Lights Salad, Aye Karumba Pasta Salad, Sort of Corn Quiche, but Not Really and even Designer Oatmeal are all fabulous recipes.  This is just a sample of what you can find.

Even if you never cook a single recipe, you will find this cookbook good for the soul.  There are fun family photos, quotes to lift the spirit and what other cookbook will tell you to do a Rhumba all over the kitchen?  Really.  I'm not kidding.

The directions for the Sort of Corn Quiche include:

"I'm going to tell you a little trick.  Put about 1/2 C of the the egg mixture in a small jar.  Add the two kinds of flour and the mustard.  Put the lid on.  Make sure it's on tight and shake.  Do a rhumba all over the kitchen.  Move that body!  Work up an appetite."

So, get this cookbook and start whipping up some fabulous meals. And if you ever get the chance, meet the author.  She gives great hugs and makes your spirit sour when you meet her.  Talk about a person who exudes positive energy!

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