Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The other side of my life

I don’t often blog about my daughter, because she’s well, normal.

She goes through regular 10-year-old “junk” with hormones and attitude, but she is a sweet and loving girl.  The evidence is in the story that she wrote in school today.  It was an assignment on thankfulness.

She hasn't always been this way.  She used to be a very angry and violent child, but SHE made a choice to change that and become the sweet girl she is today.

  Here is what she wrote.

I <3 U 4……

Mom, Dad;
Thank you very much fro adopting me!  Throughout the FIVE YEARS I’ve been living with you I have been very blessed that you gave me a better home.  I depend on you because I feel that you are always honest to me. I enjoy how you gave me a room that I felt espesally safe in, with all bright & cheery colors.  Dad…..I have always treasured you and the moments/days when we both cheer on “Tony Stewart.”  I believe you both already know I love you both, more than mom’s goodies.  (meaning mom’s goodies are the best!)  I enjoy living with you both!! J J


Signed in something we can’t read but she said is her famous autograph

What a stark contrast to our son. 

After a very stressful day and an anxiety attack due to son’s issues, it was truly a blessing to receive this after dinner tonight.

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